JET LIFE ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈


Three guys die in a car crash and go to hell.

Satan asks the first guy what his major sin was, and he says he was an alcoholic. He drank way too much, too often. Satan locks him in a room that is nothing but alcohol that will never run out.

Next satan asks the second guy what his sin was, and he says he had too much sex. He used girls all the time and had a different one every night. He gets locked in a room with soo many naked girls, and they all want to do him.

Satan asks the last guy what his sin was, and the guy replies that he was a pothead. You guessed it…satan locks him in a room full of weed with every strain imaginable, and this is not gonna run out.

A hundred years later satan comes back to the first guy. He comes running out covered in booze and his own puke screaming “i’ll never drink again!” and satan gives him another chance at life. He lets the second guy out, and he screams “i’m gay! i’ll never look at another chick!” so satan gives him another chance.

He goes to let the third guy out, and he opens the door to find the stoner sitting on the floor. He looks at satan, crying, and says “hey man, you got a light?”